Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS)

Geographic Information Science (GIS) is a strategic and economic benefit to organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry. GIS helps organizations to visualize, question, analyze and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns and trends.

MSUM’s certificate provides a focused area of study and basic competency in the theory, technology and application of Geographic Information Science. You will work with cutting-edge GIS applications and devices to create maps that combine layers of information used for a range of purposes, such as finding the best location for a new store, analyzing urban growth and its direction of expansion, or creating more effective and efficient farming techniques.

With training in spatial thinking, GPS field techniques and cartography you will have the additional credential to help businesses improve communication, decision making and quality of life. Career interests may include urban planner, transportation planner, natural resource manager, cartographer or logistics specialist, among others.

Certificate in Geographic Information Science Requirements