Academic Opportunities

Academic opportunities at MSU Moorhead are varied and reflect key campus priorities, including internships, career preparation, research, global learning, service outreach, diversity and rigorous academics.

Academic Service-Learning
Service-Learning unites hands-on service experiences with education and enriches students’ lives by making relevant connections between what they learn in class and what they experience in the real world. Service-Learning can occur through service programs that are integrated into the students’ academic curriculum.

Career Development Center
The MSUM Career Development Center supports students in discovering their passions by providing programs, education, services and support throughout their journey from an exploring student to a prepared professional.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
At MSUM, we strive to create a campus community that reflects the diversity of society and ensure it is welcoming and accessible, celebrating diverse ideas, perspectives and people. Through a variety of programming and specialized resources, our centers help build a campus community that is diverse, inclusive, globally aware and just.

Research & Centers

MSU Moorhead offers students a variety of meaningful research opportunities across all academic programs. MSUM is a perfect place for you to collaborate with classmates, faculty, alumni and regional, national and global organizations. You will work to identify and create solutions to real-world problems and to contribute significant research in your area of interest.