Certificate in Water Quality

The Water Quality Certificate at MSUM provides foundational science concepts and practical experience for addressing problems and solutions in a wide variety of water-related fields of work, including work with drinking water, wastewater, aquatic waters, ground water, surface hydrology, landfills, mining, and other environmental work.

This program includes interdisciplinary science concepts which are important in a wide range of water-related jobs. This should not be confused with government or industry-specific "water quality certifications" that address particular techniques and technologies within a narrower part of the water industry.

You will be able to analyze complete water-related problems using analytical, experimental or field data with the Water Quality Certificate. You will achieve an understanding of principles related to water chemistry and analysis, water-biosphere interaction, limnology, water-sediment interactions and movement and fate of water contaminants in both surface and subsurface environments. Skilled to evaluate and communicate complex water-related issues, including within the context of varied societal and political perspectives.

Certificate in Water Quality Requirements