Physical Education DAPE Certificate

The Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) certificate prepares you for licensure to teach physical education to students with a wide range of developmental and physical disabilities. DAPE is identified as a teacher shortage area and greatly increases your employability within the teaching field. MSUM's DAPE certificate covers the content areas required to earn licensure in Minnesota. Minnesota Education requirements list the DAPE Licensure as an add-on license to a Physical Education K-12 degree. Program requirements include an extensive 200 hours of field placement for this DAPE Certificate; 40 hours can be completed under an approved DAPE certified program and 160 hours must be completed under an approved DAPE certified MN licensed DAPE teacher. The DAPE license is a MN PK- 21 teaching license; and has been identified as a MN teacher shortage area. The DAPE Certificate is an excellent complement to the Physical Education major; by MN law, only a MN licensed physical education teacher can obtain a MN DAPE teaching license.

Developmental Adapted Physical Education Certificate Requirements