Business Prowess + Healthcare Compassion: New Program Prepares Students for In-Demand Careers

Beginning Fall 2024, MSU Moorhead students can begin a groundbreaking program: Business Administration with an Emphasis in Healthcare Leadership. In today's competitive landscape, this program offers a unique blend of business acumen and healthcare expertise, setting you on a path to in-demand and fulfilling careers.  

In-Demand Careers

Within the healthcare industry, there are countless non-medical roles crucial to its functioning. Many important “non-scrubs” employees work within a hospital - from Health Information Managers to Human Resource Specialists, Healthcare Finance Managers to Project Managers and more, the demand for skilled professionals in various areas is continuously growing. 

Job Title  Average Salary (Source: BLS)  Expected Growth (2022-32) 
Healthcare Administrator  $101,000  28% 
Healthcare Human Resources Director  $126,000  7% 
Healthcare Financial Manager  $139,700  16% 
Healthcare Computer Systems Administrator  $90,500  2% 
Health System Marketing and Communication Manager   $138,000  6%
Healthcare Project Manager $95,300  6% 

The Four-for-One Advantage

Stand apart with this versatile program’s Four-for-One Advantage. Business Administration with Healthcare Emphasis students not only earn a top-notch business degree but also acquire specialized knowledge in healthcare leadership. Additionally, with no extra classes required, graduates receive Long Term Care and Healthcare Leadership, Quality, and Patient Safety Certificates. These added credentials provide a competitive edge in the job market and aid you greatly in your chosen career path. 

 Accelerated Options

MSU Moorhead understands the need for efficiency and flexibility. That's why you can pursue accelerated options, enabling you to earn both your undergraduate degree and either a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) in just five years. This streamlined approach combines academic rigor with real-world application, equipping you with the skills and confidence needed to excel in today's dynamic healthcare environment. 

Whether you want financially and personally rewarding business jobs, are seeking flexibility in healthcare careers, or are simply interested in pursuing the one of the most versatile degrees, MSUM's Business Administration with Healthcare Emphasis program is an excellent choice for you. 

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Business Administration with an Emphasis in Healthcare Leadership

You can specialize in business with the knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in healthcare organizations.

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